xbox bluetooth device development


I want to use my PDA with bluetooth to control xbox ( replace the remote control). Can you tell me is there an API or communication protocol that can allow me to use my bluetooth device to control the xbox gaming ( movement, actions....)

Same question applies to PS box
Thanks a lot

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The Xbox and the Xbox 360 do not use bluetooth technology. The Xbox 360 has 2.4 GHz Wireless connection for it's controllers. The Playstation 3 on the otherhand uses bluetooth.
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
Error32:  i think his question is how to mod the xbox so it supports bluetooth.

similar to this:
There is a big problem connecting non-official devices to the 360 as anything that is connected needs a microsoft licensed authorisation chip in it in order to register. Also they are unlikely to release an official bluetooth adaptor at all.

The only way I can see it would be either a complete mod of the system hardware (a very high end mod) or by putting custom firmware on to the xbox, but this would invalidate the warrenty and most likely get the console banned from xbox live.
Also, the PS3 is bluetooth and many bluetooth devices already work on it. These include printers, controllers, headsets and the official remote.

I use my mobile phones headset on my PS3 without any problems at all and having the PS3's bluetooth remote is brilliant as it means I can use it without line of sight.

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