Blackberry BES & POP access to a DIFFERENT Exchange Server?

I have a customer who has a Blackberry that is already connected up to a BES server.  Call him  This cannot be reconfigured, he needs to send/receive as without changing anything.

He wants to go consult for XYZ Company. XYZ has a hosted Exchange service which offers POP and IMAP access to email boxes.  As a consultant for XYZ, he is  

Is it possible to configure a Blackberry device (7290, 8830) to pull mail from a hosted Exchange server using POP or IMAP but not disturb the BES configuration on the device?  

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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olifaragoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK, you need to create an account for him on his service providers BIS portal.  This would be given to you by his network carrier or you can normally find it by googling "CARRIER blackberry".  An example in the UK is

Then sign him up for an account using his Blacberry PIN and IMEI.  You will then be able to setup another account for him by following the wizard and entering the POP details.  He will then have two seperate inboxes and will have the ability to select which address to send from.

Let me know if you need any more info.
Umm I think there is, but I beleive he would receive all messages on his inbox instead of two inboxes. There might be a way to filter it out to a different folder that you can turn into a mailbox. I know if you have two pop accounts it creates two inboxes, but when hooked up to a BES, I believe it might only be one.
kevinmcse1Author Commented:

So if I am hearing you right, each carrier provides a "BIS Portal" which will enable internet email to be delivered to a Blackberry device?  Is that correct?

What is IMEI?

Thank you very much for helping here...

olifaragoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That is correct, certainly in the UK all providers have a BIS portal where you setup the POP details etc.

IMEI is like the serial number of the device.  If you go to options and then status on the blackberry you can find the PIN and IMEI.

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