Solaris 10 install SPARC - Starting Over

Good Evening:
I recently purchased a SunBlade 1000 server and I'd like to start over and install Solaris 10.  How do you set the computer to boot from the CDROM? My current boot alias is:

When the computer boots, I get an "INIT: Can not create /var/adm/utmpx" and "INIT: Single User mode".   I can't seem to get to init 0 to set the boot alias for the CDROM....
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savoneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, hit submit by accident before I was finished...

If you can get to an OK prompt and type boot cdrom you should be able to boot from the CD, unless it is a scsi device.

Is your CD ROM SCSI??
Get to an OK prompt and type boot cdrom

From the ok prompt run

boot cdrom

If you try to boot the system from hard disk and it find that a file system is corrupted, and critical to go to multi user mode, then the system is goes to single mode. If the /var filesystem is full then the system can not update the utmpx file to log when the system is shutdown.

Try halt
If you run df -k and you see that /var filesystem is 100% or if it is part of /usr or / and they are 100% full, then try to delete some unwanted files to free some space.
Just_RCAuthor Commented:
Good morning.  Thanks...your solution was greatly helpful.  I had to null out the eerpom parameter 'boot' and power-cycle to get to an 'ok' prompt.  One more thing, it you don't mind.  the eeprom 'probe-scsi-all' returns the DVD (sorry, its not a CDROM as I said before) but when I issue the 'boot cdrom -s' command the DVD-ROM lights up, but alas says the file isn't executble.  I've ordered the DVD set for SPARC from Sun today.  
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