xp and 2000 in one machine, how do I get rid of one?

I have a dell machine. Once it had 2000 and crashed. Someone installed xp but did not remove 2000 now I have both in my machine.
  1  I want to remove 2000 and keep xp.
   2  If I remove 2000 would I still be able to log in xp?
   3 Do I have to start from 0 to resintall xp?
Can someone help me to how to do this?
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briancassinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have both xp and 2000 I am assuming you have seperate partions c: and D: respectively.

Depending on which one is first depends on how the bootloader would have to be modified.

Basically if your windows XP is on the primary partition then this is the procedure you would follow
First you will want to back up all of your data in xp  (in case anything goes wrong)
Boot into windows XP
next go to disk management (start run type diskmgmt.msc and hit enter).

In disk management click on the windows xp partition then right click and select to set it as active if it is not already.. Next click on windows 2000 partition then click delete. It will then become unallocted space you can later format it and use it.

after that is done you want to go to start run type msconfig hit enter then go to the boot.ini tab click on check all boot paths you should then see the boot path change so only one is listed and one operating system click ok.

If you have it on the same partition the procedure is slightly different.
Boot into windows xp
your windows xp directory should be c:\windows
your windows 2000 directory will be c:\winnt
verify this
then delete the entire c:\winnt directory then go into the msconfig as stated above and have it check the boot paths. If it does not correct the boot path you can click on the line that reads windows 2000 and remove it.
use your favorite partition manager and remove the 2000 partition(you can use gparted live cd its open source and free) and resize the xp partition so you arent waisting space on the hd.(these steps are optional) then reboot into xp open up mycomputer go to c: change settings to allow you to view all files including system files and take the 2000 identity out of the boot.inf file
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