Easy method to block file server ports

I am in search of an easily way to limit bandwidth on a share WAN connection.  I have an apartment building that has free wi-fi.   I want to ensure tenants are not running file servers or anything that will slow the connection.  Is there a simple method for building certain file sharing ports like FTPs and HOTLINE?  
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drews77Author Commented:
You need wither a good firewall, or a proxy server.

Unfortunately, neither may be particularly easy to setup or manage.

It may be simpler to use a network traffic program with easy logging to see when something starts to happen, and then follow up.

Plenty of free ones on sourceforge.net

See network monitoring.

I hope this helps !
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
AS Sys mentions, there is no easy way to do what you want..  But you can hire someone to come in and setup a good router (Cisco) that will control ports using ACLs..  Even using ACLs and QOS to limit bandwidth of certain applications (specifically VOIP)..  Once a Cisco Router is setup with these, it is usually a done deal unless you need to fine tune it..    So, it all depends on the setup you currently are working with.
You could use something easy to setup and manage like the iPrism appliance

It's  not cheap, and you may be heading for trouble if you do not have a written enduser access policy that every tenent must read and sign and understand that you are watching them and policing what they do when using this free Internet connection.


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