ATI Catalyst Problem with HD 2400xt and component video

I am having a problem with my new MediaCenter setup.

PowerColour HD2400XT installs fine, no errors but I am only able to "swap" primary displays between a component HDTV and SVGA CRT monitor.  If I attempt to enable the second display by right-clicking it under display manager and selecting enable, it un-greys for a moment and then re-greys again.  Dragging it over does not work either.  the message " the display you are trying to position is currently not enabled.... enable the display?..  select yes and goes back to grey.
same thing happens if I use a composite connector as well.

I can however swap primary displays (the component connection is good & works) but never have the option of enabling both at the same time.
many different resolutions have been tried.
I have no problem ever detecting a display just not able to enable it.
I did not find any reference to this particular problem on the 8.1 release notes.
re-installed drivers many a times & tried different versions as well
I would love some help on this one...

Windows Vista Ultimate 32 (fresh install)
ATI Catalyst 8.1  (7.6 through 712 also attempted with same result

Gigabyte GA-G31M motherboard
Intel Core2 Duo 2.2Ghz
WinTV PVR card
Intel Core 2 Duo
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Are you trying to make both displays primary displays?  As far as I know, only one display can be the primary display, and that has always been the case.  Video will only play on the primary display, so it won't be possible to drag a TV window from one display to the other and still see the image playing.
DaveKornAuthor Commented:
Nope. I am not trying to make both primary displays.  I would like to use one of the displays (the SVGA port) to be a secondary display.  

At this point i can make either TV or SVGA a primary display but Catalyst does not allow me to setup either as a secondary display (under any condition/resolution/refresh rate I had tried).
I strongly suspect a faulty video card - you eliminated drivers by trying different versions.  Since it is new, you can exchange it under warranty, but trying another dual display video card will verify that everything else is ok.

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DaveKornAuthor Commented:
I will buy another one and see how that goes.  Will keep you posted & thanks Callandor.
DaveKornAuthor Commented:
OK I bought a new video card and in the midst I learned something.....

The HD2400XT is equipped with 3 ports.  Starting from the top is a standard analog VGA port (15-pin D-sub) then is a specail 7-pin mini-din port for the Component video and at the bottom is a DVI port.

The setup I was having trouble with was using the SVGA port on the top for the SVGA monitor and the component out port.  I learned that if I would use a DVD-VGA adapter on the bottom DVI port I am allowed to use both the VGA monitor and the component out at the same time - no problems whatsoever.  

The conclusion is that the PowerColor HD2400xt and likley other HD 2400 series cards share the analog out between the SVGA and the component out ports.  The solution is to not use the SVGA port on the top of the card if the component out is used but use an adapter (not supplied by PowerColor) to connect the SVGA monitor to the DVI port on the bottom.  I would not consider this to be a hardware bug - just maybe a documentation or "driver friendliness" issue.  I am sure that the Catalyst software should be capable of outlining the limitations of the card if there is a will to do so.  (I am sure that software development team is busy enough as it is)

The HD2600XT I bought to replace the HD2400 is a pretty robust card and does not have this limitation.  It was also packaged with all the adapters one would ever want.
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