Terminal Server Web Access Menu with Two Menu Choices

I am looking to find a simple way to offer users the option of running application A or application B from the terminal server.  This is a NON AD environment.  It is simply two servers in a data center running an accounting application.  One is the terminal server and the Other is Microsoft Dynamics.

I would love a script that I run from each users environment that gives them a prompt to choose the app they desire.  Select it and the app runs.  Close it and TS closes.  

We are in the process of migrating from one version to another and must offer both versions.

Do not want to use Local RDP files since the users can change then and get a desktop.

I realize this is not simple (I said simple sorry)  but even a TSWEB Page with the two options would suffice as I could blank the users desktops if they choose to log in locally.

I have this HTA sample which works but never closes and is buggy.  It hangs and it must be saved locally and run as I will not enable HTA.  It must be pretty old stuff.  I found it here.    http://dev.remotenetworktechnology.com/tools.htm   I also tried the RDSHELL.exe but it errors out and does not really give an option from the text I read.

Thanks very much

<html><title>Seamless Notepad</title></head>
	  SYSMENU="yes" VERSION="1">
<script language="vbscript">    
	Sub Window_Onload
		Self.Resizeto 800, 600
		Tsc.Width = 800
		Tsc.Height = 600
		Tsc.Server = ""
		Tsc.SecuredSettings.StartProgram = _
	End Sub
<body topmargin=0 leftmargin=0
rightmargin=0 bottommargin=0>
<object id=Tsc
height=600 width=800 border=0>

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It sounds like Citrix to me.
Microsoft uses it on the office 2007 demo.

Microsoft is expected to launch what you need with Windows Server 2008.
dcohnAuthor Commented:
It seems tough to believe you cannot script a web page to start a specific application for TS.

Is that really true?

If so how is it that I can do it with the HTA above  (Yes I agree it is buggy)
Cláudio RodriguesFounder and CEOCommented:
It can be done for sure. I do not have the time to post all the details here today. Ron Oglesby had a nice document called RDPWEB.DOC on his website but this is all gone. If you go to BrianMadden.com and post on his forums, just ask for Ron and he will get you the document for sure. I will try getting it off him and posting the details.

Cláudio Rodrigues

Microsoft MVP
Windows Server - Terminal Services
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dcohnAuthor Commented:
I created a script that gives the user a choice of either application at startup.  I added it to each users environment and if I was using AD and GPO's I could have added it to a GPO as well.  It works beautifully and is very clean looking.  Just a small GUI box that requires one number and enter.

This is the command line

C:\utils\4NT\4nt.exe //WindowState=minimize C:\utils\environNAV.cmd

Below is the actually batch file  environNAV.cmd  

It requires JPSOFT  Command Processor.  I am using TC9 but 4NT8 or even 4NT5 will work.

That is why I wanted it in VB, to avoid having to use this so early on in the startup process.
I guess I should get the points.  I will accept my own answer  <BG>..
@echo off
REM * This script will give user a choice between starting Navision 5 or Navision 2
REM * Added to user environment tab in user manager or GPO
REM * 
REM * Created 1/30/2008 dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
querybox /D /L1 /T180 "Select Navision Version Desired" Enter 5 for NEW NAVISION 5 or 2 for NAVISION 2:  %%num
if %num=5 goto nav5
if %num=2 goto nav2
start /PGM "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\CSIDE Client\fin.exe" servername=DDFnav5server,nettype=tcp
start /PGM "C:\Program Files\Navision Financials\fin.exe" servername=navserver

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Cláudio RodriguesFounder and CEOCommented:
During the meantime take a look at an application called AppLauncher. It is extremely simple and does exactly what you are looking for. They connect to the TS and see a nice, fancy window with all the apps they have access to and then simply click on the one they want to launch. Neat and simple.

Cláudio Rodrigues

Microsoft MVP
Windows Server - Terminal Services
dcohnAuthor Commented:
JEEZ man.

I have the perfect solution that costs ZERO DOLLARS.  APPLAUNCER is $899 since the $299 version applies to ALL USERS and I have some users that require desktops.

With my script

The users that have this in their environment only are effected

They click on the same exact link they had before.  No changes are required on the client side.  
They log into Term services

A GUI window pops up and asks them to type 5 for APP1 and 2 for APP2  then they click OK or hit Enter and the APP starts.

They close the APP and TS closes.

Now why would I spend more money??
Cláudio RodriguesFounder and CEOCommented:
Why would you buy a Porsche when you can drive a Volkswagen? Why fly first class if there is coach? Why use a hybrid profile solution with SepagoProfiles if there is FlexProfiles?
Well it is all a matter of choice.
As I have been doing TS for more than 11 years and Citrix for 14 years, I have seen all this, all the time. If you are happy with a script that does not have a great GUI and/or management/lockdown capabilities, go for it. So accept your own answer.
Some people just prefer to use a more polished solution and usually these do indeed cost money. Up to you to decide if you want to spend or not. I tell people what I have seen and I am a big fan of no messy scripts for one simple reason: I have seen many companies (hundreds) where the smart guy wrote hundreds of scripts and one day decided to leave the company and management was left with a bunch of scripts no one could understand.
From a business perspective the ideal solution is the one I can teach someone with the bare minimum skills and they learn in a day. Not something they will need, in some cases, weeks to understand. Some companies cannot afford a day of downtime.
May not be the case.
So to each, its own.
If you are happy with your solution, go for it! And if that is the case, not sure why you posted this question (if you had the solution all the time).

Cláudio Rodrigues

Microsoft MVP
Windows Server - Terminal Services
dcohnAuthor Commented:
Actually I do not consider 2X a Porche, sorry.

Furthermore why pay for something you can get for free.  

Your analogy simply does not apply to the situation, I am sorry.  

I asked for something very simple  --  You suggested something fairly complex that costs $900.00 and required setup on every users desktop.  Users that have no patience or time.

This is not a corporate environment but a Hosted solution

At the time I posted this I did not have the JPsoft solution in mind.  Did not realize it could be done so simply.

I have also been doing this work since 1986  but that does not stop me from asking for ideas from my peers constantly.  How else does one learn new things?

Your point is well taken regarding keeping it simple.  Since this is a hosted account on one of my servers I am confident I will be around to diagnose my script but if not it is well documented and only a few lines of very simple code.

Nonetheless I appreciate your assistance.

I included a screen shot of the 5 line script.  This is what the users sees after they enter their username and password into the Windows login.

Once they enter the desired number, of which a single number is the only option  they are directed to the application.  Once the close the app, TS closes.  I consider this almost perfect.  Maybe two Radio Buttons would be nicer.  That would require a bit more work and I am not sure how to write it but is very possible using Take Command 9 from Jpsoft a cmd replacement.

Thanks  --  I gave you the points in the other question for all your time.  Who knows it may have been you that drove me to find the actual solution.

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