access c drive

I bought a computer with out a OS or Hard Drive. The computer boots with a 98 boot disk to the A prompt
but when I type C: its gives me a message not a valid drive.Setup shows the drive under hard drives.
What am I doing wrong.It will go to the cd rom by typing d:
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quite possible that the hard drive is NTFS or not formatted at all to be recognised by Win98 boot diskette;
try booting with the setup cd of the OS you want to install, and format the drive using the setup of the OS to install the os.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
"... I bought a computer with out a OS or Hard Drive ..." ==>  Just to be sure ... you DID put a hard drive in the computer; right??

Assuming you did, and that it's jumpered correctly (probably Master on the primary IDE channel => if you have any doubts, post exactly how you installed it & what size drive you purchased) ... then do this:

=>  Boot with your boot disk

=>  Type "FDisk" and then Return

=>  Create a partition on the disk  (just follow the instructions)

=>  Boot again to the boot disk

=>  Type "Format C:"  and then Return   (You'll have to confirm you want to format it)

When it's done you can type "C:" and it will work just fine.

Possible issues:  

(a)  If you bought a drive larger than 120GB your system most likely will not recognize it properly;  

(b)  If you bought a drive larger than 64GB then FDisk and Format will not properly recognize the full size of the disk unless you have the updated versions of these programs on your boot disk.   Don't worry about it => just use them and ignore the reported size ... they work fine; they just don't correctly report the size.   The best thing to do if this is the case is create a smaller partition (say 30GB) and install Windows 98 to it ... then get the updated versions; and then create a 2nd partition with the rest of your drive.

Another note:   Your Windows 98 CD should be bootable => have you tried that?   When you boot with it, you can select to run Setup from the CD and it will automatically invoke FDisk and Format as needed (you'll have to boot a couple of times).   But if you'd prefer to do the FDisk/Format operations independently, you can do as I noted above; and then boot to C: and run Setup from the CD manually.

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crobaitAuthor Commented:
Thanks work the first try.
Feroz AhmedSenior Network EngineerCommented:
As you have mentioned you have purchased a New computer ,Obviously when you start your new computer there is no OS on your system and when you insert a 98 start up disk  Floppy into floppy drive it will boot with A: and when you type c: it will not show as OS is not installed and moreover partitions are not there on your system for that you need to Format your hard drive with fdisk command once partitions are done it will show you c drive if you type c: .
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