link the standard cost on a group of items to a commodity price

How can I link a group of items to a commodity?  I would like to be able to update the price of the commodity and then update the standard cost of these items based on their weight and the commodity price.
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you need a commodity table for the basic commondity price/details

you need an item table for the specific item

now it gets complicated ... are the items just differently packaged quantities of the commodity ?

   in which case you item table just refers to the base commodity table (has a foreign key to it)

or is the item constructed of multiple commodities (what do you mean by weight actual Kg/lb? or the percentage/ratio of the commodity to the eventual product?)

in which case you have an item components table which holds the relationship
between the item and its components
   e.g. itemno , commodityid,   weight , ...

either way you either calculate the price on the fly each time... or
probably have a trigger on the commodity table , which when the price is updated
 causes an update for the item price....



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