what is the memory map of c program in vxworks

i am learning vxworks
wha is the memory map of  c program in vx works
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You may look for the following link:


It also contains a FAQ regarding memory mapping (though it seems to me a operations system question rather than a question regarding the c compiler).

Regards, Alex


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prasad2315Author Commented:
i am looking to get the memory map of  c  program developed in Vxworks environment
What do you mean by "the memory map" ?
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prasad2315Author Commented:
while doing a project, how the momery is used to deal with entire project ,project is done in C language
What do you mean by "how the momery is used to deal with entire project" ?
prasad2315Author Commented:
entire project means all the c files and headers which includes different variables and functions
how they are organised int the memory
is it dependent in the os we are using
>> how they are organised int the memory

What do you mean ? Those files (c files and headers) are only used by the compiler to generate object code. That object code is then combined into an executable by the linker. It's that executable that is loaded in memory.

The format of the executable (and thus the process memory) is dependent on the system (os).
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