mobile technolgy

i am working on Embedded systems bluetooth technology in automotive domain
i want to work on mobile technology
can i have the guidance to the concepts and RTOS used in mobile technolgy
if i get the material or web links it will be helpfull
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MeffConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe AarLogic C10 will help:
It is a GPRS Module with embedded ARM9:
    *  New QUAD Band with 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    * ARM9 with 200 MHz, 8MB RAM, 2MB flash
    * Embedded Linux or Nucleus RTOS
    * TCP-IP stack on board - EASY GPRS Support
    * RS232 @ CMOS level
    * SIM card holder
    * 1x UFL plug (GSM)
    * Supply Voltage 3.3-4.5 Volts DC
    * GSM Jamming Detection
    * 104.0 x 63.6mm
FismanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A number of RTOS's are employed by the various phone vendors, some of which are even proprietary. Vendors basing their phones on the Analog Devices chipsets tend to use KADAK, which is required for the GSM stack owned by AD.

I am unsure what your intentions are, but it is very seldom that you will work on the RTOS level code on a GSM phone unless you are working for a Mobile Manufacturer such as Nokia, since any changes in the code on that level will require a re-certification of the product.

Most vendors allow code to run on the ARM-7 or ARM-9 core in the phone via a higher-level language such as Java, or applications running on an OS such as Symbian. Recent phones (such as HTC) have started to implement Windows Mobile technology which is probably the easiest way to modify the behaviour of the mobile.

GSM is an extremely complicated and very large protocol, and hence the modification of low-level code on the handset is an extremely specialized field.
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