Q_23102990.html need a bit more help with this question

Hi all,

Q_23102990.html - I asked for help to write an Electronic Letter to serve for external clients(Yahoo, Hotmail, outlook, etc..)
I was advised to create this in HTML which was great.
It works like a charm if sent from Domino 7 or over

But the images & most of the HTML does not displays when SENT FROM DOMINO 6.5


does anyone have a remedy for this problem?
Is there any setting on the server(domino 6.5) that I maybe missing out on to parse html correclty?
I do know that version 6.5 & earlier are not the best HTML parsers

Your immediate help will be appreciated

Thank you all in advance
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:

Did you also use the ConvertMIME property ? Should be set to False.

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Hello Varvoura

Please check in the address book under Configuration - Servers - Configurations, in the server configuration document on the "Mime" tab, "Conversions Options - Outbound" sub tab that the message content is set to "from Notes to Plain Text and HTML"
varvouraAuthor Commented:
Hi there,

I am still having issues with the HTML mail.
sjef suggestion was exactly what I had done
fgrushevsky - The server already has this setting in place.

However, when the HTML letter is sent from the an external email address(Hotmail, yahoo, outlook) the images don't render correctly & the all the fields on that letter other than the "Body" field don't seem to appear in the recipient mail client

Any more ideas?

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
If they are HTML mails, I'd say you should be able to tell why the images don't render correctly by studying the HTML produced. Why the other fields aren't displayed I couldn't tell. How come there are "other fields"? I'm not a real specialist on mail, but I suppose there shouldn't be fields other than Subject and Body in a standard mail.
varvouraAuthor Commented:
Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay in my response but still waiting for the client to give me access so I can run my required tests. Not sure if its smart to close this question & open a new one when needed

Thank you all for your responses

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Clients never have time for you but they want things finished by yesterday.

No need to create a new question, if you can manage to keep this one alive...
varvouraAuthor Commented:
How true!
varvouraAuthor Commented:
The client just got back to me on Friday

I think I'll keep this question open for a bit longer

thank you all
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