is there a way to replicate user data from one 2000 server to another?

we have a 2000 server running as a DC, dns & dhcp server. (dual 1.7ghz xeon 2gb ecc ram)
Our ther domain is a running 2003 server. The 2000 server provides dhcp for this domain and dns zone transfer is setup.
We have been given a another server (single 2.4ghz xeon 1gb ecc ram)
I want to implement redandacy for the 2000 server. I know active directory will replicate once the new 2000 server is setup as a Dc on the same domain.

As the storage is directly attached, is there a way to replicate the user data, and shares from
 the original 2000 server to the new 2000 server?

The servers have plenty of storage capacity.

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Mark DamenERP System ManagerCommented:
There are a number of ways of replicating user data.  How would you like to do it?  A one-off copy, a continuous replication, a scheduled replication i.e. once per week?

If you give some more information, I can suggest some ways of doing it.
exdosAuthor Commented:
bascially it is student/staff data Which is used on a daily basis (course work, notes etc).
I am looking at a continous replication (what are the overheads of this though)
Also i would look at scheduled rep daily ie over night.
How would this work, interms of a user who logs on and accesses him home folder, which server would the home folder open up on?
Mark DamenERP System ManagerCommented:
Ok, so both solutions are achievable.  The way to keep it simple, is to keep the users logging in to where they are at the moment and simply ensure the data is syncronised to an alternate location, enabing you to restore from there in the event of a failure or simply use group policy to make the change required to point the user paths to the new server.

To have the data sync across to the redundant server at night, you could use anything from xcopy (inc in Windows) or ROBOCOPY from the Server 2003 support tools.  Setup a script to run it, and copy accross the changes from server1 to server2.

I have also seen a nice bit of software which offer continuous running backup, called Double Take.  It is always monitoring the data you specify, and syncs the changed files whenever it sees any.

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exdosAuthor Commented:
thanks for the info can you expand on
"simply use group policy to make the change required to point the user paths to the new server"

Mark DamenERP System ManagerCommented:
Well, the "home folder" can be changed in a couple of different ways.  You can change it manually, through AD Users and Computers.  In the details of a user, the Profile tab is where you will see your current path to the 2000 server.  You could change this for each user, to \\newserver\%username%

You can also select multiple users in the ADUsers mmc, and right click on the highlighted users, then properties.  In there, the profile tab is also available.  So as long as your users' home folders are named within the home folder share on the server as \\server\username, the same process as before will work.  Change the home folder path to \\newserver\%username%

Group policy way of doing it - create a link a new GPO to the OU where your users reside.  The setting you need is User Configuration/Windows Settings / Folder Redirection / My Documents.

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exdosAuthor Commented:
Great i have folder redirection enabled already for the start menu and my documents folder.
If i use ROBOCOPY will it retain the share permissions
Mark DamenERP System ManagerCommented:
double check all of the optional switches for robocopy, I believe there is an option there which lets you do this yes.  

just double checked and yes it does!
exdosAuthor Commented:
points are yours mate thanks for the help! much appreciated.
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