You must connect to the exchange server at least once before you can use offline files.

"You must connect to the exchange server at least once before you can use offline files."

I registered a new user on our system, but he cannot access his outlook from any PC
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PsyClone2kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From control panel ensure that Cached Mode is disabled, go in to the advanced tab under the Exchange server settings and ensure offline folders is disabled. Launch the mailbox and then go back in to control panel recreate the offline folder manually, and ensure that offline folder files is enabled, which will also re-enable cached mode.
Can other users access outlook using their accounts?
PS: Which version of Outlook are you using?   Is Outlook opening in Offline mode?  
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More re: Offline mode

In the bottom right of Outlook (status bar) does it say you are online, disconnected or offline?
Mark DamenConnect With a Mentor ERP System ManagerCommented:
Using offline mode on a laptop is ideal, because you would still be able to see old messages when working offline/away from the Exchange server.  It sounds to me what you are trying to do here is open Outlook on a number of different PCs, without having opened Outlook whilst connected to the server for it to be able to create the offline folders on that PC.  There seems little point in having this functionality, because if he moves to a new PC which he hasnt used in a while to let the offline folders update, then it would be out of date and therefore of little use!

Mark DamenERP System ManagerCommented:
Is this issue now sorted?

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