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I need a way to progamatically take an uploaded word 2007 file in docx format, replace some key words with content such as tables, images etc.. then save the file and convert to PDF.

We have tried many libraries that do some of the required things but nothing that can do what we need, we also require that nothing is installed on the server (IE : No word or openoffice).

I have found an opensource lib (openoffice) thats in alpha, but nothing that can then convert the docx to pdf without having word installed...

We have also looked at saving the word file as mht then unpacking it and inserting html then using ABCPdf component to convert html to PDF, but we get all sorts of problems with that component when images are inserted...

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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athapaConnect With a Mentor CEO / CTOCommented:
Try Aspose.Words. It is faster than com components and it lets you edit and save documents to rtf, pdf, etc.

I've not used this component to convert docx to convert to pdf but to create new documents and edit them.

crazymanAuthor Commented:
Nice one, expensive component but very good.
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