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I have a couple of Sonicwall TZ170 with VPN setup all working fine. At the remote location I want to use a disk less terminal to connect to a TS 2003 (& SimplyRDP) at other side of Sonicwall VPN. My problem is that when I rune the PXE it dose not optain an IP from the Sonicwall router. I have even enable an advanced feature on the Sonicwall to allow "BootTP" to obtain a DHCP IP Address. Have tried this wit different types of network cards and laptops
Many Thanks
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Are you using the SNWL as the DHCP server? Have you tried using it as a remote gateway and passing through DHCP from your other site (I assume that's serviced by a Windows server)?
hzk916Author Commented:
Yes Windows Terminal Server with DHCP running
Dont think I can do that as the routers are set up with SNWL VPN running at each site is on a different subnet. (Main    Remote

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hmmm... can you try it anyway just to see if it works? If it does then you could always set up another scope on your dhcp server for the remote site?

alternatively, connect the PC to a hub (not a switch) and connect the snwl and a laptop with wireshark installed on it - this way you'll be able to run a packet trace and see what is happening to the dhcp / bootp requests and where the problem is occurring...
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