How do I add data to a row in MS Access without using update

I have a temp table (in MS Access) with 7 columns. ID, projName, projInfo, enggFname, enggLname,devFname, devLname.
Using an " insert into select" statement, I insert a row with ID, projName and projInfo from tblProjects into tblTemp.
 tblProjects also contains enggID and devID as foreign keys. Using these foreign keys and other filter criteria, I need to add the enggFName, enggLname to the already existing row in tblTemp. Then I have to repeat the process to add devFname and devLname to the row in tblTemp to complete the insert.
Can I do this in a single query? I have tried using union and append without success. I need to have only a single row with the data inserted in parts in the temp table.
Any suggestions as to how I can build the query, or write multiple queries but execute them after a single event?

Thanks in advance.
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No, in order to modify data in a table, you must make an update query for each table to be updated.

What do you mean by "but execute them after a single event" ?

you can execute multiple update statements in the Event Handler for a single button, by generating an SQL string, then executing that SQL, then genrate the next query, and executing it:

Dim strSQL as string
Dim cn as Connection

set cn = CurrentProject.Connection
strSQL = "UPDATE Table1 set Field1 = " & Value1
cn.Execute strSQL
strSQL = "UPDATE TABLE2 set Field2 = '" & Value2 & "'"
cn.Execute strSQL

like that.

Is that what you mean?


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Link it to a Macro and execute the macro to run all insert or updates you need.

Macro > New

And add these lines:

1) Action: SetWarnings
  -Warnings On: No
2) Action: OpenQuery
  -Query Name: [your first insert]
3) Action: OpenQuery
  -Query Name: [your second insert]
n) Action: SetWarnings
  -Warnings On: Yes

This macro will run each update/insert in order.
annapolistechAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replies, I will try the solutions and let you know.
You should be aware that Macros in Access are not a good idea.  Microsoft strongly advises against using them (they are only supported in 2000+ for compatability with earlier versions of Access).  

It is IMPOSSIBLE to debug a Macro.

Not that you are wrong, but can you provide a reference to support that statement?  I have used macros for years, and have found that automating many things is only posible with VBA code.
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