Wayward Trackpad on Sony Vaio

Hi, I'm pretty sure I have a hardware fault here but I thought I'd ask before sending it back to Sony (it is under warranty).  The laptop has been working OK but has suddenly developed an annoying problem with the trackpad.

Any action on the trackpad results in the reverse movement by the cursor. Ie if you move you finger down the trackpad, the cursor moves up.  It does this for all movement.  Plugging in a USB mouse corrects the problem (unplugging reverts) and sometimes docking will correct it until a reboot when it will revert to reverse mode.

I have re-installed the mouse driver, reflashed the bios, and even resorted to a factory rebuild using the Viao recovery process (this wipes the c: partition and rebuilts vista and all the sony drivers and apps. Essentially put the laptop back to the way it was out of the box.  Anyway, nothing has resolved the problem.  So I'm out of ideas!!!

Any thoughts or suggestions much appreciated.
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Indeed sounds like a hardware problem. Possibly checking the unit in safe mode or even better, with a bootable CD that has a GUI (like Knoppix) may give other results. If nothing like that changes the behaviour, it's likely to be hardware.

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Does the software for the touchpad have any settings to enable/disable the slider. There also may be options about inverting movement in there.
asmahonAuthor Commented:
all good
It is a hardware problem. Sony is aware of it and will ask that it be sent in for repair. They'll probably replace your hard drive at the same time, so make sure you backup your data. Not sure what's wrong with the HD's, but they replaced mine at the same time as the trackpad and I know several people who have gotten the same repair. It took about a week.
asmahonAuthor Commented:
Hi Ogman, yep, that's what I did - had not picked up that they had replaced the HDD.  I have just had a second one go (we only have 6!).  I my mind I think it's something to do with the dock. Out laptops are moved around a lot during the day.  Does your esperience support this?

Thanks for making the effort to respond in any case.

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