Backup fails with c:\ write protected

After working correctly for some time, Backup now exits claiming "c:\ in write protected" This does not happen when I turn shadow copy off. The volume shadow copy service is running. Do not know what else to check.
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2PiFLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How much free disk space is there?
TSGordoAuthor Commented:
Thanks 2PiFL
The C: drive is 40GB with ~14GB free. The backup output targets my D: drive which is 120GB with ~21GB free!

TSGordoAuthor Commented:
Thanks to 2PiFL. Targeting a different drive with more space works!
Does anyone know the actual rule? Do you need 40GB free space to back up a 40GB drive? Or, only 25GB if that is what is used?

Two comments (incase anyone from Microsoft/veritas is listening):
1) What would have been wrong with giving an error message like, say -- not enough space on output!
2) I was trying to do an incremental backup, which would have generated about 1-2 GB of output. My intuition says, don't do this check until after the evaluation of what is to be backed up. But, then, I'm a beginner!
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