Licensing - What do I need

Licensing has never been my strong point. For some reason I have just never been able to get my head around the CAL's. And then Microsoft changed the names and they didn't match up to what the software was asking for....grrr

Anyway, end of rant, here's the question.

I have a couple of offices running a single server with Windows 2003 and Exchange 2003 (not sbs). They have an equal number of Windows CAL's and Exchange CAL's. I want to add another 2003 server to each of these offices. It will eventually take over all the roles of the server with the exception of Exchange.

What do I need for CAL's? Obviously I need a license for Server but do I also need another CAL for every user?

And of the two types of CAL's which should I use and if that is not the same as the ones I already have (i did not set these up so the CAL's could be either per seat or per user) can they be changed in some way. Essentially if I have to buy cal's I would like to clean up any licensing problems that already exist.
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Take a read through this:

It explains the difference between per seat and per server licenses.

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AJNSAuthor Commented:
Thank you, that was very helpful although I feel kind of silly for not finding that myself. Would you say in most cases going with per seat licensing is the best option if there is more then one server or even the chance that there will be more then one server added in the future?

And is it possible to switch from per sever to per seat?
AJNSAuthor Commented:
Anything further on this?
AJNSAuthor Commented:
Some follow up would have been nice
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