Exporting/Importing customer lists from Sage Line 50

I need to export customer details (account number, name, address and contact details) from Sage Line 50 version 10.x to version 13.x (the latest I believe).

There seems to be some export options in version 10.x for the current screens, so for instance I can get an Excel export of customer name, tel, current balance, but I need to get the other details over (dont need financial information).

Ideally I would like to export the customer list from v10.x and import that (append) to the customers already in v13.x

Does anyone know how to safely do this?

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Nick DennyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This should be easily achievable.
Export your "customer details" and save to a CSV delimited file.
Check in v13 for correct mapping (i.e. it will tell you what it expects in what column).
Theres a bit in the help section on this if needed - or alternatively, export from v13 and note any differences by comparing the two.
Then use the import facility in the "file import>customer records" section to browse for the CSV then import.
It really is that simple.
Please note that the "key" field is the account number.
When importing - if you use the same account numbers it will overwrite the existing ones.
New account numbers will be appended to the existing list.
If you need any further details, please post back.
Nick DennyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry - should have mentioned - there should be in the Customer Details Reports - a CSV extended report which generally covers most things - although you may want to delete some of the info through excel or a text editor etc.
Please note - ensure if deleting data, the the remaining data is kept in its original columns to ensure correct import.

If you need further help on tailoring a report - please post back and I'll see if I can dig v10 out (v13 changed the report designer).
Nick DennyCommented:
Many thanks for the grade.
Incidentally, v13 is Sage 2007.
2008 is out now (since tail end of last year).
sheepfarmerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the guidance.
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