How to configure AD replication to offline/disconnected Disaster Recovery server

Dear Guys,

We have an AD server (win 2003) at our office and another server (win 2003) at our disaster recovery (DR) site. The DR server is not connected to internet and we need to replicate/update AD information on the DR server.

How could this be achieved?

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PlaceboC6Connect With a Mentor Commented:

The only procedure that exists that is similiar to what you are requesting is the ability to perform a:

DCPROMO /ADV which will promote a domain controller into an existing domain using the system state backup from another DC.

You cannot simply copy the AD database files from one DC to another.  It will not work.

If I were you,  I would set up a VPN between the sites and then promote the DR server as an additional DC in the domain.  Then you will have two domain controllers up and running/replicating the entire time.  The DC in the DR site would be capable of servicing logon requests as long as you made it a Global Catalog.

My recommendation is to set up a VPN between the two sites.

Preferably with a piece of hardware such as a router or firewall appliance.

With a VPN connection between the sites,  the systems at both locations can be on the "same" network and function as if they were located in the same building.
flbsupportAuthor Commented:

Thanks for passing by.
Still, I need to update AD info on DR server and the only media available is tape drive similar to live site.
The only way to update the AD information on DR server is through restoration. We perform backup on AD live and need to restore AD info on DR server.

Is there a procedure or a technique to achieve that.

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