Procurve switch with Mini-GBIC (M) connection; Not sure how to network it!

We just bought an HP Procurve switch with 24 ports...and what I thought were to be 2 gigabit ethernet ports. (Yes I know it was stupid I just didn't look at all the specs and just told someone to go ahead and buy it). Ok

so the plan was to use the trunking protocol on an intranet running only switches and a DHCP/Database server. We usually run 100ft+ cables through the halls and into meeting rooms. And well now that I realize we can't connect this switch to our network as it stands...what would you guys suggest I do? I believe that the cost of these cables are fairly expensive, so do they make a mini-GBIC to RJ45 converter. Also would I be able to use the trunking protocol if I had another similar switch? Looking for ideas thanks!
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yep, you can use copper ports only.
still i understand that you have fiber line between switches
hi there!
there are devices called MediaConvertors.
more likely you have to buy a pair of 10/100/1000 media convertors like Dlink DMC-810SC or similar
on the other end you can use any switch if you want to deliver only one vlan (of if you have no vlans at all)
if you have to connect multiple vlans, you can take any switch, that supports vlan tagging and has gig port
jonmclean2Author Commented:
Any less expensive way? No little converter cards that slide into the Mini-GBIC's? Also I don't necessarily HAVE to use the GBIC ports do I? Can't I just connect the switch up through the other ports?
f-kingIT support technicianCommented:
also if the device is still new and you have the packaging maybe you can take it back.
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