Why does an email signature lose it's formatting when the email is replied to??

I have set up an email signature in Outlook (HTML). It is working perfectly when i send the email but when somebody replies to the message the signature loses all it's formatting. Is there a way of preventing this from happening? We have a client who is absolutely insistent on this, please help!!!!

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Are the replies coming from PCs that are also set to us HTML as default?? I think if they're set to use different formatting it will reformat the entire message, including the original!

However i'm not 100% on this...
TNNGAuthor Commented:
On the tests that we have done the replies are coming from a MAC that is set to HTML. We have also tried more than 1 computer. The colour and font of the text changes - the font is Arial.
There may be differences in the html coding; notably, MS is not among the fervent adherers to standards... Also, the recipient may not have the exact same fonts you have, and when rendering the message at the receiving end a substitute is used. This may cause the reply to change as well (the message can't be expected to refer to fonts that aren't on the sender system itself).

Also, many users prefer never to send html mail, so this is not possible to "solve" for all recipients unless a mind swap is carried out.

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The problem is when you generate the original signature it is in HTML format, this is stored in a .htm file, it also creates a .RTF and a .TXT but the formatting in the other filetypes is messed up.  You need to open the individual files and format them in word then it will look correct.  The file location for the signatures should be similar to the following: (just replace <username> with your username.

C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures
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