ObjectDataSource cannot detect any new [DataObjectMethods] added to the DLL

  My issue is that I have a Class Library project that performs  business services. This dll contains methods marked with [DataObjectMethod( ....)] attributes. When I first time had added reference to this Dll from the ASP.NET project, the ObjectDataSources were able to detect all my methods from the business service dll, but when I have added several new methods to the dll [ also marked with [DataObjectMethod attributes], the ObjectDataSources on the ASP.NET pages only detect old ones, but not newly added.

 So I decided to remove reference to this DLL from the ASP.NET project. I was able to delete it, then I rebuild the whole solution and when I tried to add this reference back, I get the Message that this reference is already added. Again my ObjectDataSources just do not "see" any new methods from the updated DLL!!!

It really drives me nuts. Why I just cannot remove the reference, recompile both DLL and ASP.NET, then add this reference and use my updated DLL???? Please help!
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RejojohnyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
when you say you removed the reference of the dll, did you make sure that the copy from the bin folder was deleted? if not, delete it yourself .. to debug the problem about the new methods not seen, i would advice you to add the reference to the dll as a project reference .. then you can run the test project and also debug into the dll code .. you will be able put breakpoints into dll code and debug. ...

Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
>I get the Message that this reference is already added
I am not 100% sure which file it is, but some of the project/solution files has to be edited with notepad to get the reference removed...
alik13Author Commented:
Thank you angelIII, I will try it, but I think that this is just another BUG in Visual Studio 2005...
alik13Author Commented:
Thank you Rejo, I will try your suggestion.
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