How do I move public folders from one drive to another on the same Exchange 2003 server?

We are running out of space on the volume where the exchange database and public folders are stored.  We want to move the public folders to another location on the same server.  What are the steps/things to look out for/other gotchas involved?

Server is Win2003 SP1
Exchange 2003 SP2
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Matthew MillersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Some steps if you need them:
Matthew MillersCommented:
None really, just use the management GUI to specify a new path.
Give yourself enough time for the data to migrate over. The actual time taken really depends on how much data you have and the speed of your disk subsystem.

Do it out of hours and you should be fine.
roberts0909Author Commented:
I had found this article but in my haste missed that it also applied to public folders. Thanks!
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