Log Parser 2.2: data type is not compatible with SELECT clause

Hi all,

I have a problem with Log Parser 2.2 and CSV files I hope you can help me with. When run log parser against my CSV files, I get the following error:

Task aborted.
SQL table column "Originator" data type is not compatible with SELECT clause item "ORIGINATOR" (type INTEGER)

Now the SQL table column called "Originator" is set up as a varchar, because the CSV column called "ORIGINATOR" could contain either numbers or letters (though most often numbers). Log parser thinks that this column is an integer because the first log it analyses only contains numbers, but subsequent logs will contain both numbers and letters.

Therefore, if I change my SQL column data type to integer, subsequent logs will fail saying the data type is wrong again!

Surely there must be a way with Log Parser to tell it to simply take the CSV columns and ignore their data type and just insert their values into the SQL table?


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Jon WinterburnAsked:
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Ted BouskillSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
LogParser uses the Microsoft Text driver to parse the files.  You can control the behavior of the driver using a schema.ini in the same folder as the file source (the log folder)


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Jon WinterburnAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much for this link and for your help. I've tried to use the Schema.ini but it doesn't seem to work. I'm probably missing something really basic, so please tell me if I am.

I get the error "Error: SELECT clause: Syntax Error: unknown field 'ORIG'"

What I have is this:

1. The CSV file has no headers for the columns
2. My Schema.ini is in the logs folder
3. My batch file that executes log parser is in the folder above the logs folder

My Schema.ini is as follows:

My batch file is in the code snippet below.
cd "C:\Program Files\log parser 2.2\"
LogParser -i:CSV -headerRow:off "SELECT 1,ORIG,DEST,DESTCONTEXT,CLID,STARTOFCALL,ANSWERTIME,ENDTIME,DURATION,BILLSECONDS,DISPOSITION INTO Call_Logs FROM D:\LogFiles\Asterisk\Call_Logs\*.csv" -o:SQL -server:mymssql -driver:"SQL Server" -database:AsteriskData -username:myuser -password:mypassword -createtable:ON

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Ted BouskillSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
I think you have to be in the current folder when you run the EXE
cd "D:\LogFiles\Asterisk\Call_Logs\"
C:\Program Files\log parser 2.2\LogParser -i:CSV -headerRow:off "SELECT 1,ORIG,DEST,DESTCONTEXT,CLID,STARTOFCALL,ANSWERTIME,ENDTIME,DURATION,BILLSECONDS,DISPOSITION INTO Call_Logs FROM *.csv" -o:SQL -server:mymssql -driver:"SQL Server" -database:AsteriskData -username:myuser -password:mypassword -createtable:ON

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could it be that you haven't named the first table column ?

"SELECT 1 as [id],ORIG,DEST   ...

do you  want to maje that

"SELECT "1" as [id],ORIG,DEST,...

it would be better practice to  explicitly create the permanent table call_logs prior to running the statement (or truncate it prior to each run)

and then use Insert into (column list ) select column list ....

Jon WinterburnAuthor Commented:
Tedbilly - I have amended it as you said, and even put everything (schema.ini and .bat file) into the same folder as the logs, but still I get the error "SELECT clause: Syntax Error: unknown field 'ORIG'".

I get the same if I do the "as [id]" - this is not necessary anyway, as by entering "select 1," tells the log parser to tell the unique ID column to increment by one (I have implemented this in other log parser scripts which do work).

So now my script is as below in the snippet.
cd "D:\LogFiles\Asterisk\Call_Logs\"
"C:\Program Files\log parser 2.2\LogParser" -i:CSV -headerRow:off "SELECT 1,ORIG,DEST,DESTCONTEXT,CLID,STARTOFCALL,ANSWERTIME,ENDTIME,DURATION,BILLSECONDS,DISPOSITION INTO Call_Logs FROM *.csv" -o:SQL -server:mymssql -driver:"SQL Server" -database:AsteriskData -username:myuser -password:mypass -createtable:ON

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Jon WinterburnAuthor Commented:
Well, I got fed up of messing around with this and decided it was easier to simply spend 10 minutes adding the column names to all the CSV files. Once I did this, I could then run log parser and it all worked fine. Thanks for all your help.
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