PHP account login page and account settings example Help

I am going to create a video upload web site with the usual account creation and account settings aspects.
I'd like to use php. First, is there example code for accounts, acct settings? Can logins be transmitted from page to page? (when someone logs in, can other php pages know who logged in?)
Is there a php dev environment with syntax parsing, etc. ? Eclipse doesnt do PHP.

Security wise, how difficult is it to make a secure php site?
My site will involve acct creation and video uploads. Is there an example php for this?
I already have php to convert any vid upload to .FLV. I mainly need to know the account creation, settings and login aspects. I will prob use mySQL for the vid uploads. How do I start using mySQL? Where is a download for it? How do I associate the download with an account in the PHP?

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Best way to transmit information between pages is to use cookies or sessions. - some examples and a tutorial on how to use sessions. This allows variables to be passed between pages very easily and securely.

PHP Dev environment - personally I'm a fan of PHPEdit ( ) - they were giving out free licences for non-commercial use. PHP Coder Pro is also quite good ( )

Security - yes, PHP can be very secure. Main problems result from not cleaning input data (so use eg mysql_escape_string() before letting data near a database) or from misuse of globals (so make sure register_globals is off).

To accept file uploads, look at info in the PHP manual - tutorial here:

mySQL can be downloaded from There's good information in the mySQL and PHP manuals about using it, and a tutorial at amongst others.

To associate accounts with files, simply make a field in the database to insert the account number when a file is uploaded (the file can either be stored directly in the filesystem or as a data item in the db).

You have quite a few questions there so there's plenty to read...

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xannusAuthor Commented:
Thank you. I bought the manual at and I am well on my way in my site - the book is just what I needed
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