install a second sbs2003 server as a member server?

Hi all,

We currently have a sbs2003 server installed running as a domain controller with exchange installed.

We have a new server to replace this one so im going to migrate it.  The part im not sure about is can I once the new server has been migrated demote the old server to a member server?

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DrDave242Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, SBS can't run as a member server; it's got to be a DC.  It's also got to have all of the FSMO roles, so you can't even run it as a second DC next to your other SBS server.  The general rule is one SBS server per network, so if you want to keep that server, you'll need to install a different OS (Windows Server 2003, for example) on it.
pfocusAuthor Commented:
Thanks, exactly what i was looking for :)
pfocusAuthor Commented:
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