Replace numbers with asterisks


I want to replace the first all the numbers of 15 characters of a 19 digit number with asterisks. Is this possible using a SQL command?


input: 1234 3456 7890 1234
result: **** **** **** 1234

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Use the substring function as part of an update e.g.

update table
set col = '***************' + substr(col,16,4)
Sorry, the substr function is called substring in SQL Server, not substr.  I was thinking with my Oracle hat on!

You may be able to omit the 3rd option (4 in the example) to give all characters to the end of the string.  This is valid in Oracle, but not sure about SQL Server.
select '**** **** **** ' + right(YourField,4)
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Try this.
SELECT '**** **** **** '+SUBSTRING(input, 16, 4)
FROM table_name

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we all answered basically the same within seconds it seems. :)
egxisAuthor Commented:
Wow - that was quick. This is a tough one as you all answered similarly, but techncally mfsamuel was most correct.
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