Option to disable Zipmail for Notes?

Our company uses the Zip Mail for Notes add on program from MK Net Work to help keep attachment size down.  The default setting, when attaching a file to an email, is to have the check box for "Zip Mail" checked.  

One of our remote users wants to keep Zip Mail disabled, unless he is sending large files.  The problem I'm running into is finding an option to have that checkbox not selected when a file is attached.

I am 95% sure that this is something that can be done, because I have seen a few users who have it deselected on default.  None of my fellow staff remember where the option is, as they were not the ones who set this up.

Anyone know where I could change this option, so Zip Mail is not defaulted to when attaching files?
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I would check the Zipmail config file or the notes.ini file.

Did you check the zipmail documentation ?

I hope this helps !

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pabenesAuthor Commented:
I had already looked in the zipmail config file, and completely forgot where our documentation was.  I did find the line in the config file (which actually wasn't even referenced in the zipmail config file on our computers, as it defaults to on.)  However, I haven't been able to get it to work.  

I've added the line "ZipMailAttachCheckBoxValue=0" to the config file in the same area they had suggested it be, and it has not worked.  I've attempted logging out, rebooting, removing the parameter and putting it directly into the notes.ini file, ensuring the notes.ini file points directly to the zip mail file, and none of these things have worked.  Any ideas/experience with this?
Sorry, I can't help more.

It may be  time to contact their tech support on this.

Maybe a newer version resolved this.

I hope this helps !
pabenesAuthor Commented:
The solution that I found, with your help, works, just not on my test machine.  Thanks alot for your help.
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