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Need help with Installing remote DC


I've never had occasion to do this until now...
I need to place a DC over in a remote site so we can have a remote copy of our AD database.  This site is used for Disaster Recovery.  We are also placing an Exchange and SQL server there as well.
the server is over at the site.
I've created a secondary site in AD sites and Services
Created the new subnet and created a site link giving it a weight of 125 (a bit higher than our default 100)
My question is this:
I have not yet done a DCPROMO on the remote box for fear that i will wipe out my exisitng AD database....perhaps irational but i value my job   :)

My fear is that when my production DCs see the new remote DC, they'll assume that his blank databse is the most current....

should i have anything to fear regarding running DCPROMO on the remote?


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2 Solutions
Part of the promotion process replicates the AD database from the existing DC to the new DC.  It won't start up with a blank database.

You shouldn't have anything to worry about.

Point the new server at the existing DC/DNS server for DNS resolution.
Do a DCPROMO making it a DC for an existing domain.
It will replicate.

Make sure that that new DC points to your DNS and then run DCPromo - selct new Domain Controller for existing domain and then AD will get installed and the AD database will be replicated from the old DC back to the new DC.

Once replicated it would be a good idea to install DNS on the new DC and point it to itself for DNS. Also make the new DC a Global Catalog.
javajoAuthor Commented:
so it's not a problem that the site is already established as a new site within my domain and that the new DC is physically over there...
I can't add the server itself to the new site yet in "Sites and Services" because it is not a DC.  After DCPROMO it will show up in DCs...
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Right.  You will have to wait until after you promote the DC before you can do anything with it in Sites and Services.
javajoAuthor Commented:
Hey guys...

I know I've assigned points already but any ideas?
My domain is at 2003 functional level already...

I'm getting forest prep errors...

The AD installation wizard cannot continue because the forest is not prepared for installing windows Serevr 2003.  Use the Adprep command-line tool to prepare both the forest and the domain.

javajoAuthor Commented:
scratch ithat -

need to add 2003 R2 extensions to current schema...


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