Coldfusion DateDiff - How to show as Hours and Minutes

I'm using DateDiff to display a 'countdown' to an expiry date - pulling the expiry date/time from a field in the database, and comparing it against the current time.

I then use CFSET to display the number of hours and a separate one for minutes, however the minutes are the total minutes (i.e 2 Hours displays as 2 Hours / 120 Minutes).

The Hour and Minutes display are shown seperately (for styling purposes), so I need them to be displayed as separate elements.  

So, effectively what I want to display is (assuming the expiry time is 2 hours, 15 minutes away);

2 Hours
15 Minutes

This is what I have so far to work with;

<cfset e_hours = #datediff("h",now(),expires)#>
<cfset e_mins = #datediff("n",now(),expires)#>

I'm fairly sure I can simply do some mathematical additions to the minutes to remove the hours from the figure, but everything I've tried so far has not been accurate.  Any pointers much appreciated!
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SidFishesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
this should work for you

<cfset expires="01/30/2008 3:32 PM">

<cfset e_hours = #datediff("h",now(),expires)#>
<cfset e_mins = #datediff("N",now(),expires)#>

To Expiry = #e_hours# Hours #((e_mins/60)-e_hours)*60# Minutes
MaxafiAuthor Commented:
Works perfectly, thanks! :-)
try something like this......

<cfset t_now = now()>

<cfset expires = DateAdd("n", 39, t_now)>  <!--- bogus expire time --->

<cfset e_hours = datediff("h", t_now, expires )>
<cfset e_mins = datediff("n", t_now, dateAdd("h", (e_hours * -1), expires))>

 expires #expires#<br>
 e_hours #e_hours#<br>
 e_mins #e_mins#<br>

of course
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