Lost remote access to Cisco 2950 switch - Is there any way to force it to reload?

I was modifying the config on a remote Cisco 2950 switch and screwed up causing me to lose SSH access to the switch.  I cannot even ping the IP anymore, however I know the switch is still up because I can see it in CDP in other switches and no one has called to complain that the network is down.

I did not save the config before I screwed it up.  Is there anyway to remotely force the switch to reload?

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JFrederick29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Unfortunately not without IP access to it.  Sounds like you will have to have someone at the remote site power it off and on for you...

In the future, it can't hurt to preface these kinds of risky changes with the "reload in <minute>" command....
If you have a linux or windows box nearby with remote access you could possibly coax someone to attach a serial cable to the console for remote access.   I know that this isnt always an option but its worth a shot.  
bornskirAuthor Commented:
I don't have physical access to the switches as they are in remote locations so trying to connect a console cable to them is out, at least for now.

I guess I'll try to get someone that's somewhat intelligent to power cycle it.

Even though it's not the answer I wanted to hear, JFrederick29 you get the points.

Feroz AhmedSenior Network EngineerCommented:
you can reload/restart  remote switch manually not by ctrl+PauseBreak ,if you are added to group of Vlans then you have the possibility of reloading the switch but in this scenario you are blocked or ACL ip Deny  on your workstation which will not grant you to reload the switch remotely only thing is you need to do it from someother workstation who is having control over console for that switch remotely from there you can get into switch and check configuration of switch .
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