Change default folder in Explorer folder pane

I'm using Vista Ultimate.  When I right-click start and Explore, the folder pane to the left always expands along this path: C: > Users > AppData.....

This is so annoying that I want to shoot the screen.  How can I change the default to a different folder?  Actually, I do not want any folders expanded at all.  I just want to see the drives on my computer.
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If you use Windows Explorer from the Start Menu (as opposed to clicking on the Computer icon on the desktop) you can change the opening folder location by doing the following:

1. Open the Start Menu.
2. Click All Programs.
3. Click Accessories.
4. Right click Windows Explorer and click Properties.
NOTE: If you do not have this shortcut for Explorer here, then Explorer is located here:
5. In the Target area, type %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe and add the full path to where you want it to open to.

So it will look something like this:

%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe C:\path of the folder you want it to open to

If you right click on the address bar in Windows Explorer, you can copy the path of the folder youre interested in by selecting Copy Address as Text.


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Use WInkey + E to startup Explorer

I think this has a lot of instructions for various things about explorer

How to Change Windows Explorer Default Open Location in Vista
rbudjAuthor Commented:
Thanks, this is exactly what I am looking for however; This only works when using the windows key + E.  If i right click on the start button and choose Explore, it does not change.  Any suggestions?
rbudjAuthor Commented:
A for effort but still only works with the windows key + E.  I would like the same to happen when I right click Start > Explore.  Maybe this just is not possible. Thanks for the answer!
I have still been looking at this but so far I have not found anything.

However, I do have two suggestions that can speed things up

For convenience, I put in a short cut to explorer that I modified the path to. I placed this shortcut to the home directory I want using the previous listed instructions. This short cut I placed in the Quick Launch tool bar, which for me is right next to the start button. This becomes a single click option and is more efficient than the right-click/choose Explore/then tree hop option.


In Vista, you have the option to do Favorite links now inside the left explorer pane. I have this set up to go to specific paths. It actually works for programs too in the save as or open windows. I have several programs that always want to go to their home directory to save or open things. The favorite links gives me a one click option to quickly jump to another drive and folder instead of tree hopping.

To create the shortcuts all you do is drag in the folder or drive you want - simple.
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