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I have a client who has a  Mac with OS X 10.4.10 running Roxio Toast and has been able to burn DVDs for a while. He went through a whole stack yesterday but when he got to the last couple of DVDs it gave him this error (see picture below). I have done some forum reading and it would seem that most causes are incompatible brands of media but as he was using the same media does this mean his DVD-RW can no longer write?
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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
No, I'd be still inclined to think it is the media .. even the best brands can have bad media.

Can the DVD drive still read the successful DVDs?
Can the DVD drive write or erase the successful DVDs?

I'd try and rule out faulty media by testing disks which he was able to write before.
According to Roxio this maybe caused by attempting to burn a double dual layered DVD and the drivers are out of date.
Check it out
japanman0Author Commented:
Sullivan you were right...I think. Although he got the error on 4 different discs I guess they were all bad he opened up a pack and it worked fine. I hope that is the end of that but I am going to leave this open for a bit until I am sure that was the fix. Thanks.
japanman0Author Commented:
It seems that there are no more errors thanks.
Glad to see you found a solution japanman0
thanks for sharing your problem with EE now others will benefit from your experiences.
Cheers Merete
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