How to suppress whitespace in a drilldown for textboxes that have a filter applied

I'm trying to suppress whitespace in a drilldown for textboxes that have a filter applied.  

I have a matrix report that is showing whitespace in a drilldown because I am supressing duplicates. Based on what I read in other forums, if I set the ToggleItem to Len(FieldName)=0 that should supress the whitespace, right?

I can see that I have a field in the toggleitem called: Firstname. If I put the value Len(Firstname)=0 in the toggleitem property, then I get the error: The textbox 'textbox21' has Len(Firstname)=0' as a toggle item. Toggle items must be text boxes that share the same scope as the hidden item. I think the code 'Len' is throwing it off.

If I put the value "Firstname" in the toggleitem property, then it doesn't return the error, so I know that firstname is a valid value for toggleitem, but setting the value to firstname doesn't suppress anything.

If someone can tell me how to supress a textbox based on a value, then this may get rid of the whitespace I'm trying to suppress.  Any ideas?  Thanks...
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What about FirstName = ''
rcearleyAuthor Commented:
I just tried it.  It causes the same error.  Thanks...
rcearleyAuthor Commented:
I figured out the answer to my own question.  ToggleItem has nothing to do with the answer.

If you have "suppress duplicates turned on, then to suppress whitespace, you have to set hidden property of the row in the table and hidden property of the textbox to the following:

=Previous(Fields!Firstname.Value) = Fields!Firstname.Value

What this does is that for the first record, the expression returns false.  since the hidden value is false on the first record, that means that hidden="false", thus, don't hide the first record.

When the report evaulates the 2nd and 3rd records, which are suppressed because of the suppress duplicates setting, the expression will evaluate to hidden="true", which means, yes, hide duplicates.  

The result is that the report will not show blank spaces when you have the setting suppress duplicates turned on.
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rcearleyAuthor Commented:
Now that I answered my own question, I'm not sure how to close this question out...  
I believe that you post a message in the Community Support Forum with the CustomerID asking to close the question.
rcearleyAuthor Commented:
Ok, Thanks
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