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Resource reservations crossing midnight

I'm asked to make a few changes to the R7 standard reservation database.
It should be possible to book a resource from e.g. Monday 15:00 though to Friday 10:00.

Any thoughts? Examples?

To limit the number of issues: it doesn't need to be multilingual, it's strictly R7 and we don't have to worry about different timezones.
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I hate to say it, but if it is not already implemented, then it may be quite difficult to achieve.

I remember that calendar events took a while to be implemented past midnight, and there are still some minor bugs...

I hope this helps !
CRAKAuthor Commented:
It's not implemented yet. It's determined to create multiple docs, with the same start- and end dates.
I'm on to something though.... in the repeat dialog I added a checkbox (available only when "every day" was selected). The field is transferred to the reservation doc.
LS contains a call to compute the series of "repeatdates". I triggered that call after calling the repeat dialog and saved the result to a field.
The @FindFreeResource (2nd search button - why @formula?!) can now access those values (standard in only evaluates startdate/starttime to startdate/endtime).
Then PostSave: based on ApptUNID I search the database (not a view - could the indexer slow me down?) for the new apportment doc's. If <=1 doc's appear I try again after waiting a second (up to 15); results generally appear after about 5 sec (ok, that approach is somewhat risky). All doc's (except the startdate one) can now be assigned starttimes 0:00:00. All doc's (except enddate) get endtimes 23:59:59.
No need to bother about rescheduling: repeating reservations can only be deleted.
Few remaining changes include validation: starttime>endtime is allowed when enddate>startdate (multiple occurances!) and a changing the startdate after passing the repeat dialog should have consequences, as the repeatdates have already been established at that point. Quite sure some other issues will affect my mood.
Difficult to achieve indeed, but it feels as if I'm getting there.

Since I need to assing point at some stage.... do you perhaps have a clue where I can find vBEObject.GenerateRepeatDates()? I'm using TeamStudio Analyzer and still no show!
CRAKAuthor Commented:
Above seems to work.... on a single server.
I may need to add an additional agent, processing all that's left untouched after those 15 sec. It needs to work in a 2 location 2 server (-farms) environment. Of course only one admin server running RnRMgr. Replication between locations every hour: getting the reservation booked/visible may take 2 hours!
CRAKAuthor Commented:

Do you mind if I clean up this question?
Closed, 500 points refunded.
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