HP LaserJet 3050 can't scan.

I have an HP Laserjet 3050 that will not scan. I can fax, copy and print just fine from it. My isuues begin when tryin to scan.  
If I try to initiate a scan from the program (HP ImageZone) on the computer it tells me "the system cannot find the file specified".
If I try to initiate a scan by pressing the SCAN button on the printer it says "Waiting For the PC".
If I initiate a scan y pressing the SCAN TO button on the printer it says "Not set up on PC".

So far I have tried the following to remedy the issue:

Checked the wires to make sure they were connected good.
Updated drivers.
Re-installed the entire program from HP.
Ran the HP ScanFix utility, which says it fixed errors.
Pushed an updated firmware onto the printer from HP website.
Set the USB speed to high instead of full on the printer, then back.

I am sort of at a loss for what to do next. HP won't even talk to me without getting $25 just to initiate the call. Any ideas would be great, I need to get his done sonner rather than later!
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Try to initiate a scan from outside of the HP software. Try using Microsoft's Imaging (If on Win2K or prior). If you are on XP you will need a third party utility as I believe Imaging was left off of this release or with Vista.


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Are the destinations setup in the Software?
Any Firewalls in place?
Try another USB port?
if possible, try to test it on another PC, to be sure it is the scanner, or the pc.
also, did you try to uninstall it completely; then install the soft and drivers, and THEN ONLY connect it?
you can also test on another usb port
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Performance_PCAuthor Commented:
thanks all. none of those worked, tried them all. Apparently it is a known issue involving firmware that is corrupted by HP updates to the PC side o0f the program. Of course HP was so very helpful considering that they basically sabotaged their own product with updates. And they are more than happy to stand behind all of their products . . . from India, for 3.99 a minute plus $25 just to pick up the phone!
Have I offended anyone? I hope so!
They should have not charged you since it was a Known Issue.....
The error "Waiting for PC" would appear on the Printer control panel when scanning using the Start Scan button on the printer control panel. Customer would also notice Not Setup on PC error when pressing the Scan to & button. The scan from the PC would happen without an error.
The probable causes for this issue are:
a)      Firewall denying access to PC.
b)      Device polling not enabled.
c)      The scan to function is not enabled on the HP Toolbox.
d)      The destination is not added to the Scan to button from HP toolbox.
e)      The HP Toolbox is losing the scan to destination

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