Database Expert questions

I created a dataset by adding a new item, creating the connectionstring with the gui/wizard, etc...  

The dataset is there as test.xsd in the APP_CODE folder...  I can click it and see that it the data structure of the field names.  

When I click my crystal report "report1.rpt" and then go to the field explorer and right click the database fields and go to "Database Expert", I go to ADO.NET folder, I see the dataset there, but when I open up the tree, it doesn't show the table I am querying... it saying, "No Items found.."  

What the am I doing wrong?  Why won't it show.???  

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mdouganConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In the Crystal Report, right-click on the folder that holds the database fields, and there should be a popup menu that includes an option  Verify Database.  Click that and see what it says... when it says database is up to date, you should have your items.
strongdAuthor Commented:
There is nothing in the database fields, that is why I need to use Database Expert...  

In Database Expert, there is nothing under the test dataset...  

strongdAuthor Commented:
Just figured it out...

The problem was in the database expert, I didn't click the use dataset from class, then when that is clicked it enables / makes visible the Dataset names...

I give it a name and now I see it.

I am giving you the points because you pointed me in the right direction.

Thanks for your help.
strongdAuthor Commented:
OK, great!  Thanks!  Glad you've got it sorted out.
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