Small Business Server 2003 - Internet Connection Upload Speed Real Slow

I have DSL routing through my server to the rest of the network.  I'm trying to figure out why upload speed is so slow.  I can connect right to our DSL Router with a non-network computer, and it returns 400kb/s upload speeds.  On computers that are connected to our network, download speeds are good, but upload speeds are 17kb/s or slower.  I've tried firewall settings and various other things to speed up the connection with no luck.

Any ideas at where I should start looking?  I know this is probably a general question with lots of variables, I'm just trying to get an idea...

The DSL Router is a 2Wire router.  The server is using 2 NICs... 1 connecting to the DSL Router, the other to a network switch.

Thanks for your help!
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I would begin by doing some ping tests, so you know where the delay starts.  I would begin at a workstation and ping localhost, server, router, and then an internet website like  See where the performance drops off at which point and that is where you can begin troubleshooting.  You have to break down the whole network to components so you can see where the problem lies.  Good luck.

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steverguyAuthor Commented:
I ended up just bypassing the second NIC. It works great now. Thanks for the quick reply.
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