Select Case of with more variables

Hello everybody,
I have three dropdown menus (lets say: Drop1, Drop2, Drop3) with three options each (lets say: A, B, C) and I would like to consider all the possible combinations once a user submit a form where those dropmenu are included.
If I pass those value as :
Dim CM, Carrier, Destinatio
CM could A or B (same as  Carrier and Destination)
Now instead of having nested If..then ElseIF ....confusing condition:
IF CM=A and Carrier=A THEN
    IF Dest=A THEN
   End IF
ELSEIF CM=A and Carrier=B
Is there a way to consider all the combinations but using another method such as "select case of" so that it wuold look more clear to read.
Thank you.
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mmm... how about...

Dim CM, Carrier, Destinatio
Dim AllThreeResults


AllThreeResults = CM & "|" & Carrier & "|" & Destinatio

select case AllThreeResults
   Case "A|A|A":
   Case "A|A|B":
   Case "A|A|C":
   Case "A|B|A":
end select

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Do you *really* to do something unique based on each individual combination?  What is the action that you might take based on a combination?  The reason I ask is because if rather than nest it, you just go through each select box one after the other, you might still be able to do the same thing....


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