Document Information Panel was unable to load

I recently installed the trial version of office 2007, wiping the original office 2000 installation in the process.
Everything seems to be working OK, but the document information panel refuses to load.

I have tried with a new user profile, I have tried the /a, /safe, /m and /r switches to start Word. Office Diagnostics doesn't pick anything up.

I have the trial version of Expression Web as well, which expires on the 31st January (today being 31st).

There was an issue where the help system  wouldn't connect online, but that seems to have sorted itself out without any intervention on my part.

Office XP SP2,
Up to date according to Microsoft Update
1G ram
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and235100Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try a manual uninstall of the 2007 trial:
kevintynfronAuthor Commented:
A huge amount of work, but it worked, thanks.
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