Best way to protect files from being inadvertently written over in filemaker

what is the bast way of protecting a file from being inadvertently written over
for example unless i make a new record i still have the old record on the screen and if someone forgets
to specify a new record they cna easily overwrite the old one
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you can have 2 layouts, one which is read only,  and a 2nd one where you can access the fields, and use a button to switch to the 2nd one; at least you have to press a button before you can modify anything.
other way; 2 accounts per user; 1 which can edit records, the other not. when a user wants to modify a record, you relog him under another account with a button+script. quicker done than having to double the layouts.

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gevensenAuthor Commented:
i was thinking about a lock script that would dis allow entering the fields when a fake save button was pressed then to edit you have to press edit on any existing files to allow you into the fields again

does that sound feasable

ive been busy today writing reports and havent had a chance to play with the idea

lesouef, you would be surprised how far i got since i asked those few questions
no easily, the ony way I can think of is using the validation feature of each field to check that button state. too much work really, the account method is less work, though not clean since it prevents data changen but fields are still accessible, so the user a warning msg: making the field read only would be better, but fmaker does do that yet. obviously everybofy at filemaker ignores even javascript?!
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