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Can anyone provide me with or point me to some good examples of developing acceptance criteria for the delivery of an application?

Many thanks
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Hello Donoss,
Creating acceptance criteria can be done in several ways and on several levels.
Normally I define a Master test plan which describes the proces over all test phases. In that place I write the general criteria how many issues there are allowed to be open. Something like:

Severity      FT      SIT      UAT
Critical      0      0      0
Major      2      0      0
Minor      5      Tbd      Tbd

(FT= Functional Test, SIT= System Integration Test, UAT= Usser Acceptance Test)

For every testphase I also write a detailed test plan.
In that plan I write down for example this criteria:

Acceptance criteria for the SIT are:
1.      All test scenarios have to be executed
2.      The number of outstanding critical issue should be zero;
3.      The number of outstanding major issues should be zero
4.      Project management should discuss the number of outstanding issues with other severity than critical or major.

I can use these kind of criteria as I made it visible how I cover my requirements with test cases and am able to show the results of all test cases. This gives information that all requirements are tested and the chance it smaller that issues are behind those tested situation. To get more trust of the quality you have to use more formal testing techniques.

You might take a look at the checklist for acceptance criteria:

I hope this helps you out
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