Blackberry Calendar Sync with Yahoo Calendar

I am back with another sync question for my blackberry!!  I am now using the Yahoo Calendar to sync up with my Blackberry calendar (the Microsoft Outlook had issues--not surprised!).  The only problem is that the yahoo calendar is 6 hours off from my actual time (and the time on my blackberry).  I realized after I set it all up that I did not put in the correct time zone and I think the default is Greenwich, UK.  I have changed that to my actual time zone (Central Standard Time), but the calendar still shows 6 hours difference, even after restarting my computer.  Any ideas?????
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sueflemkeConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hmmm.  I checked out all of your links but found on solution.  I finally just erased the yahoo calendar and then resyncronized it with the correct time zone.  That fixed the problem.  

After you have read those, if you still cannot get it to work, it does work with google --
sueflemkeAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry!  I don't think I was clear enough in my question.  I do not have the internet option with my blackberry.  I sync up my blackberry calendar and address book on yahoo so that I have a back up in case my blackberry goes kaput!  I could back it up before but did not have access to read the information so I found this solution.  I can sync up the information by using the desktop manager but the only problems is that the yahoo calendar is six hours off.  I really appreciate your answer, Scrathcyboy.  In one of the sites you listed I found out how to contact yahoo so that should help.
offline backup is exactly what a lot of the links I gave you talked about.  exactly what you want to do.
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