RDP over SSL using Cisco ASA and RSA SecurID

I am currently running a Cisco ASA 5510 appliance with Web SSL using RSA SecurID to authenticate user access to our systems.  I want to be able to have a user login using their RSA token, then select an 'RDP' connection to our terminal server in order to run additional applications that do not support web SSL.  Is there a way that I can setup RDP over web ssl?
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Cláudio RodriguesConnect With a Mentor Founder and CEOCommented:
Not out of the box. Cisco has an RDP Java Client available with their VPN solution that MAY work all the way over SSL if they implemented that.
Or you will need a third party solution that will do RDP over SSL (like the Quest/Provision Networks VAS).

Claudio Rodrigues

Microsoft MVP
Windows Server - Terminal Services
cancellcorpAuthor Commented:
Ok, I will look.
cancellcorpAuthor Commented:
That worked perfect.  Just had to upgrade ASA version to 8 from 7 and the RDP plugin loaded succesfully...
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