JMX with JDK1.4 -

Can anyone please tell me how to retrieve remote machine's JVM parameters using JMX with JDK1.4?
I have tried adding the JMX 1.2 implementation jars into the classpath of my program,
I can able to register the sample mbeans into the mbean remote server properly.

But, my requirement is to get the RuntimeMXBean(Run time VM Params) from the remote machine.
Is there any way to fetch the RuntimeMXBeans with jdk1.4?

->  I can able to fetch the RuntimeMXBeans  in JDK 1.5 through
RuntimeMXBean mxbean=ManagementFactory.getRuntimeMXBean();
(which cannot be done in JDK1.4, since class is not available in this version)

I have tried lots of ways to fix this, but i couldn't.
Please help me in fetching the remote JVM parameters.
Below is the my application configuration:
My Client is running on JDK1.5
Server - JDK1.4.


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CEHJConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't know for certain but doubt you can. You'll have to upgrade the VM
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