Need to embed mail client on Flash disk to send mail from disk...

Greetings All:

I'm just finishing up authoring a BizCard disk which I have used Flash CS3 Actionscript 2.0 to author. Now my client has requested that I place a form on the disk so viewers can send an email directly from the disk... say if they are not on their computer with their mail client.

I have done this on a Website using both .asp & .php but I need some help embedding something onto my disk that will send mail. Also I am almost out of disk space so I need something that is as lite on the code side as possible.

Here is the code I'm using to gather it eMail info:

var fields_descriptions= Array ("",
                                                      Array("t1", "your_name", "Your Name:"),
                                                      Array("t2", "your_email", "Your Email:"),
                                                      Array("t3", "telephone", "Telephone:"),
                                                      Array("t4", "message", "Message:"),
                                                      Array("t5", "subject", "Subject:"),
                                                      Array("t6", "address", "Address:"),
                                                      Array("t7", "fax", "Fax:"),
                                                      Array("t8", "co_name", "Company Name:")

function reset_txt(name,name2,value) {
      this[name].onSetFocus=function() {
            if(path[name2]==value) { path[name2]="";}
      this[name].onKillFocus=function() {
            if(path[name2]=="") { path[name2]=value;}

for (i=1; i<=fields_descriptions.length; i++) {
      reset_txt("t"+i, fields_descriptions[i][1], fields_descriptions[i][2]);

on my Submit btn:
on (release) {
      for (i=1; i<_parent.fields_descriptions.length; i++) {
            if (_parent[_parent.fields_descriptions[i][1]] != _parent.fields_descriptions[i][2]) {
                  this[_parent.fields_descriptions[i][1]] = _parent[_parent.fields_descriptions[i][1]]+"&777&"+_parent.fields_descriptions[i][2];
            _parent.reset_txt(_parent["t"+i], _parent.fields_descriptions[i][1], _parent.fields_descriptions[i][2]);
      this.recipient = _parent.rec;
      delete (i);
      getURL("contact."+_parent.serv, "_blank", "POST");

Help Appreciated.


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You normally don't have an option to run a server inside the CD-Rom...  You, rather, have to rely on the third party projector tool such as Zinc, SWF Studio, mProjector or Screenweaver to handle the emailing process...  You might want to check out those tools...


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ripnoelAuthor Commented:
Thanks for this information. I also just thought about cross computer PC/MAC issues after I posted. Will this program work with both PCs & Macs? If not do you know of a solution? I'm sure I'm not the first person with this problem...

Thanks again,

Well...  Those third party projector tools were created with the same basis on different platforms...  They do whatever they can to make sure their application works the same on different platforms, but there sometimes are differences...  You just have to select the right tool and work with their support team if you are stuck with the problem...  That's they only thing I can say...

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