Need PowerShell script to export a list of Add/Remove Programs


I need a PowerShell script that will export a list of all software insalled on a Windows 2003 server.  Basically..... something similar to going into Add/Remove Programs and doing an export function of all the programs and Windows updates installed, but it needs to happen with a PowerShell script.

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BSonPoshConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Funny you ask :) just did a blog on this
martit01Author Commented:
Looks good BSonPosh.  Regarding the <ComputerName> instead of having to enter this manually, is there a way this script could run repeatedly pulling the ComputerName from our Active Directory or even an Excel spreadsheet?

Thanks again!
Sure.. you can do either. I would recommend downloading and installing the AD CMDLets from quest (link in my profile)

Then you can do something like

Get-QADComputers | %{Get-InstalledSoftware $_}

or if you have the computers in a list file
get-content <file> | %{Get-InstalledSoftware $_}

If you plan to pipe this to a file you will need to change the write-host to write-output
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martit01Author Commented:
you may have just gotten me promoted!
Thanks again BSonPosh:)
glad to help.. make check payable to...
martit01Author Commented:
Hey BSonPosh,

I'm able to run the script against my computer no problem. But, I'm not able to run it against my list of servers. I have a list titled "C:\DevServerList.txt" and my powerscript is "C:\InstalledSoftware.ps1".  

From PowerShell I type the following:
PS C:\> get-content DevServerList.txt | %{Get-InstalledSoftware $_}

But, i'm getting the following error from PowerScript:  The term 'Get-InstalledSoftware' is not recognized as a cmdlet, function, operable program, or script file.

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